Operation SNARK (Amityville SNARKOnline)

Our MiddleSchoolKidz host, Sheila D. Gatling participated as a Technology Teacher for Operation SNARK (Safety Net for At Risk Kids). SNARK was funded by the U. S. Department of Education as a 21st Century Community Learning Center project representing a consortium of Long Island school districts with a profile of high poverty and high immigrant populations, dense special education, and high crime populations: Westbury, Farmingdale, Amityville, Copiague and South Country. Amityville SNARK provided specialized academic, social, recreational and emotional support programs for middle school students. Students participated in after-school and Saturday programs to remediate deficiencies in English Language Arts and Mathematics, and to "bridge the digital divide" in Technology.

About Amityville SNARK:

Consortium Administrator: Farmingdale UFSD (NY)
Amityville Site Coordinator: Ina Cofield
Technology Teacher: Sheila D. Gatling
Dates: January 24-June 22, 2001
Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday
Beginning: January 24, 2001



Edwin W. Miles Middle School
Amityville, NY
Computer Lab
Average Attendance: 50 students (in 2-sessions)

To introduce the uses and benefits of computers and the internet to "at-risk" middle school students ages 11-14.


  • compare video game skills to technology skills
  • develop technology vocabulary
  • conduct hands-on basic computer literacy training (introduce file management and basic applications used for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations)
  • use the internet to research topics of interest and homework assignments (browsers, search engines, e-mail)
  • work cooperatively and peacefully in small groups
  • participate in intergenerational group with senior citizens (with seniors sharing oral histories and youth teaching senior citizens computer skills)