This "portfolio" is a compilation of the many writing experiences completed by my students this year. These English Language Arts and Social Studies essays are in synch with the New York State Education Department Learning Standards. These essays were compiled in a black loose-leaf notebook that was maintained throughout each quarter. All of the material in the student portfolios was typed in the lab or classroom using a word processor.

A student portfolio is a window, if you will, into the minds of students. When students write and reflect on their writing, it gives teachers and all who view their work some insight into the individual student. When students think about their work and work to improve it, you can see the concepts and learning, taking place. When students acknowledge mistakes and ways to do things differently, they take charge of their own learning.

The following education updates are provided to enhance your understanding of how we integrate thestandards, learning, authentic performance assessment and portfolios in our classroom. Additionally, you may download copies of our student newspaper, Room 118 Gazette.

Education Update:

- Using Standards for Learning: English Language Arts and
Social Studies

- Where We Are Now

- Linux in the Classroom

- Photo Gallery

Student Newspaper: Room 118 Gazette (.pdf)  
- Volume 4 Issue 1 - Volume 4 Issue 2 - Volume 4 Issue 3 - Volume 4 Issue 4

By the end of the school year each student has a complete portfolio of their sixth grade ELA and Social Studies writing experiences. Throughout the school year students demonstrate their writing ability in a myriad of ways. Using the computer lab in our school and classroom and with Internet access, these students improve their writing and technology skills covering a multitude of topics.

Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4

All About Me

First Assembly

My Summer Vacation

World Trade Center

Literary Critiques

Letters From Rifka

US State Reports

Room 118 Gazette

Literary Critiques



Martin Luther King Projects

One Person Can Make a Difference

Embassy Letters


Carter G. Woodson


Literary Critiques

Medieval Times

World's Fair PowerPoint

World's Fair  Summary

Endicott Pen Pals

Literary Critiques

Year in Review


Photo Gallery