eCourse Description:  Integrating Technology into Your Classroom








This is a rigorous instructor-led course intended exclusively for educators and educational administrators who want to integrate technology tools into their everyday classroom experience (not just in the computer labs on computer day!).  


If either of the American Heritage Dictionary definitions below describes you, then you belong in this course!


ed·u·ca·tor   (j-ktr) n.
  1. One trained in teaching; a teacher.
    1. A specialist in the theory and practice of education.
    2. An administrator of a school or an educational institution.

Class Guidelines

I have been the primary instructor for face-to-face and online renditions of this course for over three years.  The best classroom strategies and lesson plans have developed as a result of intense reflection and discussion.  Many past course participants have successfully developed projects that greatly enhance the level of learning in their classrooms, using technology tools.  Educators and administrators have publicly acknowledged the effectiveness of this results-focused professional development course.


Past course participants have lauded these courses as “safe learning incubators” in which they could brainstorm, strategize, exchange/share ideas, debate, and reflect.


This course is successful because of its most important dynamic -- communication.  Communication can only thrive in an environment where honesty, respect, trust, discretion, and CONFIDENTIALITY exist. Class Guidelines have therefore been established to promote appropriate communication.

  1. be honest

  2. be thoughtful

  3. be respectful

  4. be creative

  5. exercise discretion (what’s communicated within this course stays within this course (loose lips will sink your ship… if I am aware that any participant has broken our confidentiality clause-you get expelled).

The threaded discussions will enhance “thought,” and are therefore very important in this course.  Not only is designing and developing your classroom project important, offering feedback and support to your classmates (and instructors) is equally important.


During this course you will

  • learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint to support your lessons
  • observe how colleagues use the internet to enhance classroom instruction and conduct research
  • observe how colleagues use the computer to enhance classroom instruction
  • integrate computer technology strategies to enhance the learning in your own classrooms
  • work independently to design a project using Microsoft PowerPoint and other applications
  • work collaboratively to design a project using Microsoft PowerPoint and other applications



The primary course instructor is Sheila Gatling, with Gina Stevens assisting.  You will also benefit from interactions with experienced guest instructors. 




Duration:     14 days (est. 30-40 hours)
Start Date:  Sun 06/23/2002

End Date:    Sat 07/06/2002




                      $  50 (US$)




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