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How To Learn Online









This pre-requisite course for first time "cyber" students is designed to introduce and orient you to the wonderful world of online learning.  It has been designed to provide appropriate experiences, activities, and competencies that prepare you to be a successful online learner.

There are significant differences between traditional face-to-face (f2f) classes and online classes.   While some online classes are offered as “add-ons” or “supplements” to traditional f2f classes, others, like this one, are offered entirely online. 

The online learning environment is best suited for 

  • self-directed individuals with 

  • basic computer/internet literacy and 

  • proficient expository writing skills.  

It provides opportunities for a rich shared learning experience with

  • reflective dialogue,

  • equitable participation, and

  • deep learning.

This course will provide you with an introduction to the basics of the online learning environment, and insure that you get the most out of Online Courses.

This course is designed to prepare you, the student, for the experiences involved in online education. Many Professional and Trade Organizations, colleges and universities are offering courses, certificates, and even entire degree programs using the World Wide Web as a vehicle for course delivery. 

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This medium requires a different set of skills, some of which you may already possess. This site will provide an overview of these skills as well as some of the aspects you need to considerations before enrolling as an online student.



At the conclusion of the last class session you be able to:

  • assess/acquire necessary computer hardware, peripherals, internet connectivity, software (e.g. browser, plug-ins, etc.)

  • send and retrieve e-mail

  • send and retrieve attachments

  • participate in a listserv or newsgroup

  • navigate the World Wide Web using browsers

  • conduct research on the internet using search engines

  • participate in asynchronous (not at the same time) threaded discussions or message boards

  • participate in synchronous (at the same time) chats or internet meetings

  • complete independent and group projects exclusively online

  • succeed in an Online Course environment!



The primary course instructor is Gina Stevens (bio), with Sheila Gatling assisting.  You will also benefit from interactions with experienced guest instructors. 




Duration:       14 days (14-21 hours)

Start Date:    Sun 05/19/2002

End Date:      Sat 06/01/2002



                    $50 (US$)




Just like in the traditional college setting, you must first register before you enroll in specific courses, the same holds true in the world of online learning.  Your very first assignment will be to register at the eCollege, then pay your tuition, finally enrolling in your course.  We suggest that you print out this page of instructions now for reference during the registration, payment, and enrollment process.

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