"Your thinking style is your characteristic way of processing information. It's the way you acquire your knowledge, organize your thoughts, form your views and opinions, apply your values, solve problems, make decisions, plan, and express yourself to others.- Karl Albrecht

Sternberg-Wagner's Thinking Styles Inventory (all ages)

Analytic or Holistic (all ages-20 questions)

Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment (short quiz for adults)

Thinking Styles Questionnaire

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (*.pdf-must pay for scoring)

Thinking Styles Questionnaire (*.pdf - 184 questions!-must pay for scoring)

Right Brain vs. Left Brain - (kids, parents, teachers)

Whole Brain Teaching - (kids, parents, teachers)

Thinking Styles & Learning Styles - Houghton Mifflin College (parents, teachers)

FAQs: Whole Brain Theory - Herrmann (adults)

Mindex Model