"Personality is an individual's pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting that persists across time and situations."

Personality Questionnaire for Kids (7-12 with adult assistance)

Personality Test For Teens (13-18)

Keirsey Temperament Sorter II - one of the most reliable and respected (adults )

Keirsey Character Sorter II in revision will be available again online soon (adults)

Jung Myers-Briggs Personality - Humanmetrics (adults)

Enneagram (RHETI) Personality
36-item Sample Test (adults)

Fudjack/Dinkelaker Functional Preferences Instrument - 33-item Test (adults)

O-D Online Personality Profiler - 50-item Test plus optional demographics (adults)

Hale 4-Question Personality Test quick 4-item quiz (adults)

Quickest Personality fun 1-item Test (all ages)

Personality - Learning Network (kids, parents, teachers)

Temperament Defined - Keirsey

An Introduction to Personality - (kids, parents, teachers)

Information About Personality Types (adults)