"A Test is something (a series of questions, problems, physical responses, or exercises) for measuring the skill, knowledge, intelligence, capacities, abilities, or aptitudes of an individual or group."

(some of these are just for FUN!!!!)

Verbal IQ Test Version A

Verbal IQ Test Version B

Logic IQ Test

Spatial IQ Test

Chimera Test of Mental Ability

The Nerdity Test

The Goofiness Test

Are You A Good Sports parent?

Preparing for Exams (kids)

Improving Your Test-Taking Skills (kids, teachers)

Taking the True-False Test (kids)

Basic Rules for Taking Multiple- Choice Tests (kids)

Techniques for Taking Essay Tests (kids)

Test Stress Busters for Kids (kids)

Help Your Child Improve in Test-Taking (parents)

What Parents Should Know About Standardized Testing in the Schools (parents)

Study Skill Checklist (kids)

How to Write Tests Homepage (teachers)

Test Your Attitude (teachers)