How It Will Be
This school year, 2001-2002, Middle School Kidz will include links to web pages of teachers  and schools around our country and the world. Middle School Kidz will be a fully interactive web site. Beginning with my colleague, Ms. Linda Deasy who teams with me in our school, these web pages will reflect the curriculum and the interests of the teachers portrayed. Ms. Deasy teaches Math, Science and Reading. I teach English Language Arts, Social Studies and Reading to the same group of 55 students. 

Here at Edmund W. Miles Middle School in Amityville, New York, our sixth grade students change classes and are partially departmentalized. They attend physical education on a full year schedule. Music, technology, health and home and career education classes are offered on a rotating 10 week quarterly schedule.


What We Will Do
This year,  I'd like teachers and schools to submit their URL's to me so I could link their pages to I'd like to know what other middle schools are doing around the country and around the world. I'd like to know how your students:

  • learn how they "learn best"

  • individualize their learning experience

  • receive their assignments 

  • plan and organize their assignments using technology tools (

  • find, research, use, and assess "quality" resources

  • work cooperatively in teams

  • complete their assignments using technology tools (MS Office, other software, browsers, search engines, etc.)

  • submit assignments via e-mail and other digital means

  • receive feedback from the teacher and other classmates via e-mail and threaded discussions

  • document and exhibit their learning experiences

  • and have a lot of FUN learning!!!!!!!


Ms. Linda Deasy
Ms. Deasy teaches Math and Science to 55 sixth grade students at Edmund W. Miles Middle School.


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