More About Mrs. Gatling...

Sheila D. Gatling is a sixth grade teacher at Edmund W. Miles Middle School in Amityville, NY. A graduate of an historically black college, Central State University, Mrs. Gatling began teaching in 1971. She has been employed at the Edmund W. Miles Middle School in Amityville, New York since 1972.

Mrs. Gatling received her Masters Degree in Education from Hofstra University in 1975. In 1988 Mrs. Gatling also gained her credentials in Educational Administration from Brooklyn College.

In 1997 Mrs. Gatling co-authored a 322-page book, The Black College Guide, a resource guide for students on 84 Historically Black Colleges and Universities, with accompanying software. Mrs. Gatling credits the education she received at Central State University with her success as a teacher, author and publisher.

Mrs. Gatling is an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., the Amityville Teachers Association and New York State United Teachers, where she served as Chair of the Task Force on Civil and Human Rights.

Mrs. Gatling ReflectsÖ

"I have mentioned many times to my students that The Road to College begins in sixth grade." 

The Road to College is a phrase I use with my students throughout their year in my class. Soon after the publication of my book, The Black College Guide, I was asked to do a workshop for parents in my school district on preparing for college. The result was a PowerPoint Presentation, entitled, "The Road to College." 

Itís never too early to plant the seed of higher education in the minds of children, so I often refer to college and the future throughout the school year. The expectation of going to college, to continue learning, is a concept that needs constant repetition.

"I believe that, all children can learn. Throughout the many years Iíve taught and the many students Iíve met, Iíve learned that children are creative, interesting, imaginative, energetic and the future of our country. If they believe, they can and will achieve."

"My students inspired me to create this web site. This, after all, is what teachers live for -  the enjoyment of learning, personal growth and academic achievement by our students. Every year my students present me with another wonderful opportunity where we fully share the teaching and learning experience."